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When RTLup, under the name RTLplus, went on air in 2016, it was the most successful channel launch in recent years. Since then, the broadcaster has grown continuously.

RTLup offers an entertaining mix of popular classics and exclusive in-house productions. Its programme portfolio consciously follows the lead of the successful TV station RTL and its biggest hits. The evening prime time slot revisits a colourful mix of RTL classics, like "Dr. Stefan Frank", "Im Namen des Gesetzes" and "Hinter Gittern" plus "Rach, der Restauranttester" and "Nikola".

Exclusive in-house productions for which the broadcaster is known include "Die Stunde danach", the after-show chat in the jungle following "Ich bin ein Star – holt mich hier raus", remakes of game shows like "Der Preis ist heiß" and highlights like "Die Schlagernacht 2018 - presented by Inka Bause" in December 2018.

RTLup is primarily aimed at female "best agers", and naturally all viewers who fancy indulging in carefree entertainment and nostalgia.