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ntv has been providing its viewers with round-the-clock coverage of the latest events from the worlds of politics, the economy, sport and society since 1992 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. ntv's head office and broadcast centre are in Cologne, Germany, and it has additional studios in Berlin and at the stock exchange in Frankfurt am Main. Together with RTL Deutschland, the news broadcaster has a global network of correspondents at its disposal, and is therefore always on the spot quickly whenever something happens.

ntv has a reputation like no other broadcaster in Germany for competent news reports from the financial markets and enterprise. The "Telebörse" provides daily, up-to-the-minute news on the financial markets, business and consumer matters - diligently researched, understandably formulated and competently presented. In the evenings and weekends, ntv also offers informative magazine shows, talk shows addressing controversial topics, sporting events and high-quality documentaries in addition. The focus is on unique formats that give ntv a distinctive profile.

ntv has been pursuing a highly successful multi-platform strategy for several years now. Whether via TV, online, smartphone, in-car entertainment or Amazon Echo - ntv keeps you up-to-date wherever you happen to be. There's one thing all of ntv's videos, streams and text content have in common: top quality journalism and credibility. And this is recognised by our users too. ntv has regularly topped the list of digital news providers in Germany.