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The right package for every platform

Since any given package will only be attractive to certain target groups, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland  has developed an extensive portfolio of packages enabling us to meet the demands of the wide-ranging advertising market. Our customers appreciate the fact that our sales house, Ad Alliance, has the right package for everyone.

Our advertising sales business is based on sales contacts in different target audiences. Ad Alliance has a wealth of expertise in creating the right contemporary advertising products and associated packages. As providers of video content for all platforms, we reach our audience via various distribution channels and on a range of devices. To this end, Ad Alliance offers integrated communication concepts from a single source – regardless of whether the medium is TV, print, digital, ATV or audio. Ad Alliance offers attractive advertising solutions for every platform so that our customers can get their advertising message to their target audience on any device. We also conduct intensive research. After all, while our customers are certainly interested in audience reach and high-quality environments, what they really care about is whether or not their advertising gets results. In other words, Ad Alliance focuses on the impact of advertising, along with the cross-media approach.

Also when it comes to advertising sales, we have always kept a close eye on technological developments linked to the digitalisation of the market and have played an active role in shaping them and taking them forward. Ad Alliance also works in close collaboration with Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland  subsidiary smartclip Europe, the leading data-based video advertising technology specialist. smartclip is, first and foremost, an innovator in addressable TV. For its international sales business, Ad Alliance can draw on the expertise of the Group's  international marketing unit RTL AdConnect and Gruner + Jahr (G+J) International Media Sales (i|MS).

Transaction and licensing revenues

Advertising sales covers transaction and licensing revenues as well as ad revenues. Granting licences for channel and format brands is the foundation of our licensing business. Joint ventures with the entertainment industry have also been a cornerstone of our licence sales portfolio for many years. With its music label Music for Millions, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland  provides its partners in the music sector with the perfect promotional vehicle for artists and their releases. In the transaction business segment, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland  also enables customers to purchase content,  which can then be downloaded via iTunes or Amazon Instant Video.

We grant various platform operators the right to distribute our content. Live broadcasts in SD and HD as well as recording and time-shifted replay, video-on-demand and mobile distribution play a decisive role here. Our platform business currently revolves around the distribution of our HD programming. In spring 2018, we set up RTL UHD, a linear UHD channel that we will leverage to expand our UHD expertise. We also develop our own content that we make available via our brands independently of platform operators. This involves developing and expanding our own platforms TV NOW, and