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Journalistic commitment

It is information and journalism that are especially close to our hearts. At the Mediengruppe RTL over 700 people work in some form of journalistic capacity.

We have offices at 11 different locations in Germany – including our broadcasting headquarters in Cologne and the new studio in Berlin, the nation’s capital – and we also have news offices in 15 international locations.

On its channels the Mediengruppe RTL offers a diverse portfolio of news programming, including "RTL Aktuell", "RTL Nachtjournal" and "RTLZWEI News". Furthermore, with ntv we have been operating our own news channel for many years now. In the process of delivering the news, we are constantly working to sift through and prioritize the news for our viewers and provide complex background commentary. Magazine programs like "Punkt 12", "Explosiv – Das Magazin", "Prominent!" or "Exclusiv – Das Star-Magazin" compliment our information portfolio which contains over five and a half hours of in-house productions daily for RTL alone.

Innovative entertainment

In the area of entertainment, we are constantly at work, developing new ideas and investing in our own content which makes us uniquely who we are.

In-house produced content and creative developments play an important role for us at the Mediengruppe RTL. Whether it involves developments by our own production units - infoNetwork or RTL STUDIOS - or in cooperation with external production companies: they all carry the signature of the Mediengruppe RTL and are unique, innovative, exciting, sometimes provocative but always credible.

Exclusive "must see" programming

It is our aspiration to reach a broad audience with mainstream offerings and “must see” programming.

We are proud to air regular TV events on our channels which achieve significant reach, creating a lot of buzz in Germany. From soccer matches involving the German national team to the “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus! (I’m a star – get me out of here)“ and "Das Supertalent" on RTL all the way to "Die Höhle der Löwen (Lion’s Den)" or "Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert" on VOX – these and other formats are exclusive formats only available to our audience in the offerings of the Mediengruppe RTL.

A nose for trends

We are known for being both reliable as well innovative. While we continue to develop established hits that have shaped our station brands, sometimes over many years, we are still always on the lookout for new, internationally successful hit formats. To discover these we are constantly monitoring international markets for suitable formats that can be adapted for our audience using our profound knowledge of the German market. This is one of our greatest strengths.

We have precise knowledge of our audience and also have a nose for trends which we can integrate successfully into our own in-house format development process. We have editors and producers from various divisions in the Mediengruppe RTL working creatively in special development units to come up with new format ideas and formats. The fact that our viewers trust in our experience and have made us Germany’s leading moving image provider is all the assurance we need.

Genre diversity and new approaches

In addition to our own in-house productions, international hit formats like series and feature films are also important elements in our content portfolio. Not only have they left a lasting mark on our brand from the very beginning, they continue to be a great success with our audience. So, while we still acquire rights to attractive productions from big US major studios to air these on our platforms, we are also busy pursuing novel approaches: this includes a joint venture with the US major player NBC Universal where we are using our knowledge of the German market and audience to develop new series as co-producers.

In the area of sports we have scored many points by acquiring the highly sought-after rights for top events that air on RTL – but also on NITRO or ntv – unique event-type television to thrill the viewers on a regular basis: This include Formula 1 racing or top-notch soccer with the European Qualifiers.

Gemeinsame Vergütungsregeln

Die Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland und die UrheberAllianz Film & Fernsehen, in der die Berufsverbände BVK (Kinematografie), BFS (Filmschnitt) und VSK (Szenenbild und Kostümbild) seit 2018 kooperieren, haben im Lauf des Jahres 2020 drei neue Gemeinsame Vergütungsregeln (GVR) verhandelt, die zum Jahresende unterzeichnet wurden. Damit werden nun auch Szenenbildner und Kostümbildner an linearer Ausstrahlung, Streaming und Lizenzierung, z.B. für DVD oder Pay TV, beteiligt. Für den Bereich Filmschnitt ist es bereits die zweite Gemeinsame Vergütungsregel.