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Die Menschen hinter den Medien
Die Menschen hinter den Medien
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Die Menschen hinter den Medien
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Profil Unternehmenstrailer

What began with the launch of our first linear TV station back in the year 1984, still remains at the core of all our successful offerings: We utilize our passion, our joy of innovation and our experience in content production and aggregation to provide our audience with the best entertainment in all the genres as well as high-quality information programming. We are proud of the fact that our viewers reward our love of video and moving images everyday. And the recent digitalization of our business segments has provided us with even more opportunities to reach them.

Supplier of video for all platforms

Thanks to our free-to-air TV stations RTL, VOX, n-tv and RTL NITRO as well as our participations in SUPER RTL and RTL II the Mediengruppe RTL is the most successful private television conglomerate in Germany. Our free-to-air TV station offering can be received by our audience across all of the relevant distribution channels – and we were the very first in Germany to provide high-resolution HD quality already in 2009. We see the digitalization of our businesses as an evolution in which Mediengruppe RTL has determined the pace from the outset. Our objective is to be available for our audience wherever they wish to enjoy our content. For that reason, with the expansion of our digital activities, we transformed our self-image very early on from a pure linear TV supplier to a moving images provider for all platforms.

In an ever increasingly fragmented market we expanded our video and moving image offering by founding new stations– in free-to-air TV recently with NITRO (2012) and starting in June 2016 with RTL plus and in the pay TV segment with GEO Television (2014). These offerings have been complimented by video platforms in the internet. Accordingly, our station content can also be watched on any end device at any time via our TV NOW video offering. With RTL NEXT we provide an online moving image offering for information and entertainment programming, which is primarily aimed at the mobile usage habits of a younger target group. Our TV sites are focused on operating as an accompaniment to the free-to-air TV station programs. Here, too, our viewers can find all the latest news about our program. In addition to this, the Mediengruppe RTL has boosted investments into exclusive video content for the internet. This includes offerings at WACHTBOX as well as at Comedy Rocket, do-it-yourself clips at Jubadoo or Kividoo, a video-on-demand offering for kids.

The best content – the best team

With our wide-ranging portfolio of stations and online offerings we can address a variety of target groups – with one common objective – to continuously make the best content available for each and every viewer. Of course, the beneficiary of this is our advertising clients who always have the best portfolio in terms of marketing options offered to them by our saleshouse IP Deutschland.

We always keep a constant eye on the needs and demands of a media landscape that is in a continuous state of flux. Thanks to the close cooperation with our shareholder RTL Group in Luxemburg we can detect international trends early on and can also profit from the experience of all the other RTL Group affiliates in the German market. This is currently the case, for example, with such subjects as the multi-channel networks or automated marketing of advertisements.

Already in 2007 we started bundling our diverse activities on the German market under the umbrella brand Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland. What makes us successful as a corporation is the fact that we can build on a strong team not only here at the station headquarters in Cologne but at every one of our locations throughout Germany. In every field we trust in the expert know-how of our staff. We promote creativity, commitment and are quick to transfer responsibility over to our employees in their respective areas of competence regardless of company hierarchies. At the same time, within the Mediengruppe RTL companies work as a team, enjoying mutual trust and close working relationships across all divisions.



Attractive content is at the very heart of all our successful offerings.


Sales and marketing

Our clients know that we can enthrall viewers from all target groups thanks to the broad scope of our content offering: Men and women, young and old, families and singles