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Its portfolio includes the TV channels RTL, VOX, SUPER RTL, NITRO, n-tv, RTLplus, TOGGO plus and NOW US, as well as their Smart TV, online video and mobile offerings and websites. IP Deutschland sells classic TV advertising campaigns and works with advertising customers and agencies to develop bespoke advertising concepts for all screen technologies.

IP Deutschland provides customers and agencies with advice on campaign and media planning, handles the bookings and the market research for the campaign. The advertising sales company develops concepts for future platforms based on the current screen media. The portfolio is being continuously expanded with a view to new transmission technology and advertising innovations in order to offer customers market-ready concepts as quickly as possible.

The advertising sales specialist is based in Cologne, Germany with sales offices in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

The Ad-Tech business and automated booking is becoming increasingly important for media advertising sales. For this reason, IP Deutschland has entered into a joint venture with the German subsidiaries of smartclip and SpotX to create SpotX Europe, an RTL Group subsidiary.

smartclip is a leading sales and technology provider, supplying video advertising for its own publishing portfolio for display in-stream, out-stream and on addressable TVs. Advertising sales solutions for addressable TV-based advertising concepts in the linear TV programme are realised via the addressable TV platform ATVx. smartclip creates distribution channels for brand advertising that determine the future of TV advertising sales and develops innovative advertising options for interactive brand experiences. The company's headquarters are located in Hamburg, and it has technology and sales centres in Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf and Gutersloh.

SpotX is one of the leading technology platforms for the programmatic sales of online video advertisements and enables premium publishers and TV broadcasters to monetise their content across all screens and devices. The SpotX platform offers advertisers complete transparency and a secure and controlled environment for managing and optimising their video advertising.

The advertising content is delivered via the automated technology and open and scalable architecture of SpotX. This simplifies the complex digital video ecosystem at a global level. SpotX's head office is in Denver (Colorado) and it has additional subsidiaries in New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Belfast, Singapore and Stockholm.

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